December 4, 2020

My reflection today:
“ Sending Christmas Cards – Some unknown person got us into the great Christmas card writing marathon. It is usually more chore than a joy. Yet the card we send is our greeting of Christmas. The angels shouted their Christmas greeting and the shepherds found a way to share the Good News of Jesus coming. Why not us? We can select cards that spread the Good News to those who receive them. Or we can add a short personal note that will speak of Christ’s love for us. We can address each card as a caring communication, recalling one memory about the person to receive it. A family can share the task from putting stamps on to writing small notes. We can do more than simply address a Christmas card; we can address the message and spirit of Christmas to another.
Can we individually or as a family pray for each person for whom we address a card?”  – Terrance Schneider
I don’t know about you but this certainly gives me a different perspective about sending out Christmas cards. enjoy getting those cards out to your loved ones.?