December 5, 2020

My reflection today:
Cleaning House “It takes a lot of work to ready a home for Christmas. Furniture is moved to make room for the tree, daily routine disrupted, extra housecleaning added to a busy schedule. Our homes undergo a Christmas transformation as we make them ‘fit’ for guests as well as for our family holiday celebration. Jesus comes to be a guest of our everyday heart, not our holiday home. Our souls are not really a ‘fit’ place for him, but we can do some extra cleaning and decorating: throwing out an old habit, sweeping away hidden resentments, cleaning out corners of guilt, polishing up a neglected virtue, washing the soiled windows of our spiritual life. Souls, too, can undergo a Christmas transformation.
What can we do to make our heart as well as our home reflect the coming holiday? In what way does our soul’s surroundings make it difficult to welcome the company of Jesus?” – Terrance Schneider
Unfortunately, this year our house cleaning will be done for ourselves and the few who are in our “cohort”.
Many of us will not be able to celebrate as we have in the past.
And yet from what I have seen, people are still decorating their homes and getting ready for Christmas. As the song says, “we need a little Christmas right this very minute.”?