December 2, 2020

My reflection today:
The First Christmas Card
“Shock! Panic! Joy! The season’s first Christmas card we receive brings out a mix of emotions. How can anyone be so organized to have mailed their cards already? There is some anxiety too. Is that person on my list? When can I find time to mail my greetings?
What we sometimes forget is that each card represents a relationship, and we are on the receiving end. Behind each mailed card is a giver who only asks that we receive it with joy. We also are on the receiving end of God’s gift to us – his life, his constant love, his undying faithfulness in Jesus. God asks only that we receive Jesus with joy.
How do we receive the people around us, their qualities and shortcomings? Do we see them as relationships sent by God into our lives? How do we receive Christ?” – Terrance L. Schneider
Terrance gives us a number of questions to reflect on today. 
There are some people today that are reading this that are totally stressed out and others that might be grateful for the extra time of solitude and some right in the middle.
Whatever you are feeling, take some quiet time to reflect on the questions that were posed. ?