December 22, 2020

My reflection today: Exchanging Gifts
“Our business is starting to get in the way. ‘I am not going through this again next year,’ we say. Our patience, strength and emotional limits are taxed by the demands the season makes on us. Nonetheless, we push ourselves towards the ‘end’ of Christmas – the giving and receiving of gifts. Whom have we forgotten? Whom can we forget?
The ‘give and get’ commercial activity of the holidays, however, often leaves Christmas empty for us. We give in to custom, but we find ourselves wanting to make Christmas less and less a ‘giving and getting’ event and more an event shared with others.
God, it should be noted, does not demand any of this activity. He wants us to know an every day sharing of our many gifts with one another. He wants us to be involved in the activities of giving and receiving as a way of life, not a one time Christmas ‘gift exchange’.’
Do we appreciate and welcome the gifts and talents we have received from God? Are we willing to share our gifts with others? To accept another’s assistance gratefully? Will our Christmas this year involve sharing or just be ‘give and get’?” -Terrance Schneider
Dear God,
all good gifts come from you. As we celebrate your greatest gift to us, Jesus, remind us that your giving and our receiving is a daily event. Help us to imitate you, to know the joy of Christmas sharing each day. Amen