December 21, 2020

My reflection today: ‘Is Santa Real’
“In 1897 eight-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon wrote to the New York Sun to ask about the existence of Santa. The paper rendered its opinion in a famous editorial: ‘Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.’ The question is still asked today. It demands our justification and explanation-after all, we initiated and nourished our children’s belief in Santa. What do we say when doubts begin to arise? How can we explain? Santa seems to be part of Christmas life; there is so much effort to make him real: ‘I have never seen the real Santa; I do not know if he exists: some say he does not, I can only believe he does, yes.’
Mythical nonsense, magic tales or a simple statement of faith? Jesus, too, seems to be a part of life; there is so much effort, especially around Christmas, to make him present and real. We have been nourished from childhood to believe in him. But is Jesus a myth or real? The question, at differing ages and for different reasons, is still asked today. Never having seen him, we can only believe he is real and meaningful for our lives; not everyone does.
Jesus asks us, ‘Who do you say I am – in your life?’ What have we done recently to make Christ more present in our life, more real to others?”  – Terrance Schneider
Dear God, we believe you are with us at all times.
Strength our vision of faith.
Thank you for all who have nourished our belief in you.
Guide us in sharing our faith with others. Amen