December 23, 2020

My reflection today: Waiting for Santa
“Excitement builds as children wait for Santa’s gift giving journey to begin. ‘Mom, how does Santa make it to every house in the world in just one night?’ ‘How will Santa get into our house – we have no chimney?’ On and on in endless wonder children ponder the mystery of Christmas.
There was necessary traveling on the first Christmas, too. A family was forced to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem to register for taxes. Bearing God’s gift to every heart in the world, Mary and Joseph could find no room for Jesus in any house that night; he was an intrusion, not an eagerly awaited guest. We wonder, how could it happen?
This Christmas, Jesus travels to be a guest in our hearts. What type of welcome awaits him? Is there any room for him in our lives? How will he get in? How can he meet all of our needs? We, too, ponder the mystery of Christmas-God with us.” –  Terrance Schneider
Dear God,
we may never be special or famous, yet you wish to be with us. So often the things of the world draw our attention away from you.
Do you have us the grace necessary to remove any obstruction from welcoming you in a deeper way into our lives. Come close to us, Lord, help us through this very different Christmas season. give us the grace, to love others enough to distance ourselves from them.?