December 20, 2020

My reflection today:
Fourth Sunday of Advent

“How extra pleasant it is to be near family and loved ones at Christmas! We break away from our daily routines and travel small or great distances to be together; to be reassured of who we are and whose we are in the spirit of love. In memories or in person, Christmas draws us home.
God always intended this oneness. His plan for his family’s togetherness, however, was spoiled by our sin. When we were unable to return ‘home’ and to celebrate our union as his children, God sent Jesus into the world to close the distance between us. In the spirit of his love, Christ draws us together and invites us to live our lives sure of who we are and whose we are, heading homeward.
Our family couldn’t gather together this Christmas without preparations. Are we using Advent to prepare to celebrate touching base with ‘home’?” – Terrance Schneider
Dear God, you know how we long to celebrate Christmas in the loving oneness of our families. Unfortunately this year with the pandemic things may be very different. Comfort all who are separated from loved ones this year and bless all who travel. Keep our lives free from sin in our journey home to you. Amen.