December 19, 2020

My reflection today:
Letters to Santa
“’You better watch out,… Santa Claus is coming to town.’ The words of this Christmas song speak to children of all ages. Santa is a person of promise. His promise of gifts prompts carefully written letters with lists of soul searched needs and desires. Mailed in an atmosphere of hope, Santa’s gifts are eagerly anticipated and impatiently awaited. Youthful expectations and preparation finally give way to the joy of fulfillment on Christmas.
God, too, is a person of promise. He tells us to ‘watch out’ and to prepare because Jesus is coming. This gift of his Son is given to us in answer to our often unspoken needs and desires. Advent provides an atmosphere of hope for God’s children.
Do we anticipate a deepening awareness of his love in our life? Can we prepare in our actions and prayers for God to gift us with a growing presence of Jesus? Do we believe we can know the joy of spiritual fulfillment on Christmas?” – Terrance Schneider
Dear God, we appreciate the many blessings you have given us.
In Christ, you give us the ability to love and to be loved.
Bring us in our Advent preparations to a greater understanding and recognition of the person you want each of us to be on Christmas day. Amen.