April 18, 2022

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
God raised this Jesus; of this we are all witness. Acts 2:32
“‘Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!’ And what a joy we had yesterday or at the Saturday Vigil Mass, hearts and souls filled to bursting! What joy we had at dinner, talking and sharing with family and friends! What joy we had watching the young(and not so young) with their Easter baskets.
But today is another day, a day when we go back to work or to cooking or laundry or fixing the car or a million other seemingly mundane tasks. Let’s recognize these times for what they truly are – not mundane , but opportunities to carry the Good News to those who don’t know Jesus or who have let their relationship with him atrophy. Resolve to be a witness to the Resurrection today in your actions and words. Show the Easter Joy!
Jesus, stoke my love for you so that the flame grows in me and spreads to others.” Melanie Rigney
Today let God‘s risen love reach out to those we meet!?