Holy Saturday, April 16,2022

My reflection:
“The paschal Sabbath lasts from Good Friday sunset to Holy Saturday sunset. This is the middle day of the Triduum. It is perhaps the strangest, most mysterious, most puzzling day on the calendar.
In the tomb, Jesus rested on the Sabbath. The church rests in Christ today. It’s customary to keep Holy Saturday free from all kinds of work.
At nightfall on Holy Saturday, the blessed Sabbath is over. The first day of the week begins. After the Sabbath, according to custom, the first work to be done is to make a fire and to kindle the evening lamp. That is what the church does. That is how the Easter vigil begins.
On this night, every member of the church is asked to gather with the soon to be baptized. We keep watch together. We settle down and listen to the Paschal Scriptures. Saint Augustine said that, on this night above all other nights, the church keeps watch for the Lord and the Lord keeps watch over the church.”
Today let us take a little extra time to stop and thank Jesus for the ultimate gift of love!?