April 11, 2023

My reflection is from Living Faith:
I have seen the Lord…John 20:18
I’ve always been somewhat of a Mary Magdalene fangirl. Not only does she play a special role in Jesus life, death and resurrection, but she’s a woman! Anyone who argues Christianity lacks proper regard for women and their dignity need look no further than Mary Magdalene. At the foot of the cross, Mary’s faith proved unwavering. She’s the first to witness the resurrected Lord. Jesus wants to see her first and trusts her to share the good news, earning her the title the ‘Apostle of the Apostles.’At the moment Jesus speaks her name, Mary recognizes he is risen. Then, with evangelical fervor like no other, she rushes to tell the others, ‘I have seen the Lord!’
Lord, allow your extraordinary relationship with Mary Magdalene to remind me to recognize the beauty and dignity of all women who, like Mary, trust, believe and are eager to share your love with others.” Kate Wicker
I always wonder after Jesus saw Mary Magdalene and told her to go tell the apostles, “Where did he go? “I believe that he went to Mary, his mother and had breakfast with her assuring her that he was okay and risen.?