September 14, 2020

My reflection today comes from Fresh Bread:
“ Because of the attitude of discipleship we can go to our tasks knowing that God dwells with us, strengthening and encouraging us. The yoke is easier and the burden lighter because it is for him that we are at work. It is his love that gives life to our ministry. It is our great desire to share this love that energizes our work. We follow Jesus and we, too, take care of ourselves by going to the quiet hillside of our lives and renewing our love with the Father. In those moments apart from- as well as deep within- our ministry, we constantly draw strength and encouragement to give ourselves to others. It is a love that ebbs and flows from the Father’s generosity. It moves through us to others. This is how Jesus came to his ministry and it is how we are meant to come to ours.” Joyce Rupp

Each one of us is called to discipleship. Jesus is with us helping us along the way even at times when we don’t feel his presence. It is Jesus’s love that keeps each one of us going. When things are tough we need to stop and reflect how Jesus is there present with each one of us