October 8, 2021

My reflection:
“Take a moment to look around and smile at your life and your choices. Don’t worry about the paths you should have taken or the opportunities you ignored. Instead, breathe in the life that surrounds you – let it fill your soul with light and hope.
Reflect on the past and all the memories, good and bad, that have made you who you are today. Your journey is far from over, as you will continue to grow, change, and flourish.
Life can be so busy, and we sometimes take for granted the important little things that make us smile. Look at the sunset, share a cup of coffee with your best friend, or hear the wind rustle through the trees. Take some time to listen to life and feel the sun on your face, and stop to watch butterflies in your garden.
Take a moment every day to think positive thoughts.” Carol Schelling
Take time to thank God for all the gifts that we have been given.?