October 7, 2021

my reflection:
Today is the memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary.
“His mother treasured all these things in her heart.” this is how the Gospel of Luke describes Mary‘s reflection on the mystery of Jesus. The rosary is a tool that helps Christians to reflect on the life, death and resurrection of Christ. People have prayed the rosary in its present form for more than 500 years.
The most important and most beautiful prayers for Christians are the psalms. Some people try to pray all 150 psalms each week. Many people learn a few psalms by heart and pray one psalm before going to bed at night. some people even sing them in the shower.
A long time ago, when many people couldn’t read, they would pray the “Hail Mary” instead of singing psalms.
That is why the full form of the rosary has 15 groups of ten beads, which totals 150, one for each psalm in the Bible. this is often shortened to five groups of ten beads.
During this month let us try to make an effort to try to say the rosary as often as we can.?