October 27, 2020

My reflection today:
“ Let go… of guilt; it’s okay to make the same mistakes again. Let go… of obsessions; they seldom turn out the way you planned. Let go… of hate; it’s a waste of love. Let go… of blaming others; you are responsible for your own destiny. Let go… of fantasies so reality can come true. Let go… of self-pity; someone else may need you. Let go… of wanting; cherish what you have. Let go… of fear; it’s a waste of faith. Let go… of despair; change comes from acceptance and forgiveness. Let go… of the past; the future is here – right now.” Kathleen O’Brien
The challenge today is to let go! I think the United States needs to let go of hate.
Unfortunately the media keeps feeding us all the areas where there are riots.
Yes, we are in imperfect society but we can’t correct it by destroying other peoples businesses and lives. 
I would say let go and let God! Amen