October 26, 2020

My reflection today:
“My faith is tested many times every day, and more times than I’d like to confess, I am unable to keep the banner of faith aloft. If a promise is not kept, or if a secret is betrayed, or if I experience long-lasting pain, I begin to doubt God and God‘s love. I fall so miserably into the chasm of disbelief that I cry out in despair. Then the spirit lifts me up again and once more I am secured in faith. I don’t know how that happens, save when I cry out earnestly I am assured immediately and I am returned to faithfulness. I am once again filled with spirit and firmly planted on solid ground.” –  Maya Angelou
Maya sums up what many of us go through at different times.
We can go along doing fine and then all of a sudden reach our limit where we feel we can’t go on anymore.
We cry out to our God and our faithful God gives us the grace that we need during those tough times.