November 4, 2020

My reflection today is from Fresh Bread:
“ November: Thanksgiving day, harvest times, awareness of blessings, gratitude for gifts. It is significant and necessary for us to ponder deeply all that we have been given. If we reflect quietly and honestly, we can be almost overwhelmed by all that is ours. God has been very generous. None of the gifts has been earned. God gives all gifts freely. Even Jesus is an abundant, free gift to us. God is lavish in love, generous in the outpouring of goodness. This great generosity can draw us to look at our own generosity: how generous have we been with others in our lives? Are we people who really give of our treasures? Do we yearn to have the heart of our God, the one who lavishes love upon us freely? Do we cherish deeply all that we are and all that we have been given? Do we hold that love with open hands, allowing it to be readily available to others or do we clutch it to ourselves in fear that we might lose it?”-  Joyce Rupp
During this month, I know there are many people who are trying to take every day and stopping to be grateful for one thing.
Let us stop and reflect how everything that we have been given is a gift from God.
There are many requests for prayers for intentions but few requests for prayers of thanksgiving.
Let us take time to thank God for all that we have been given.?