November 3, 2020

My reflection today comes from our Mercy Prayer Book:
Parts of psalm 34:
“ I will never stop thanking God, with constant words of praise. My soul will boast of God; the poor will hear me and be glad.
Join me in praising the Lord, together tell of God’s name. I asked and the Lord responded, freed me from all my fears.
Turn to God, be bright with joy; you shall never be let down. I begged and God heard, took my burdens from me.
God’s angel defends the faithful, guards them on every side. Drink in the richness of God, enjoy the strength of the Lord.
Live in awe of God, you saints: you will want for nothing. Even if lions go hungry, those seeking God are fed.”
Imagine… Never stop thanking God! What a different world this would be if everyone stopped each day to thank God.?
Thank you God for the right to vote! 
Our publicity and media coordinator at our parish suggested that this month my reflections be about being thankful.
I think it is a great idea so I will try. I also ask that each one of us pray for peace these next few days.