November 24,2020

My reflection today:
“Two psychologists have done much of the research on gratitude. In one study, they asked all participants to write a few sentences each week, focusing on particular topics.
One group wrote about things they were grateful for that had occurred during the week. A second group wrote about daily irritations or things that had displeased them, and the third wrote about events that had affected them (with no emphasis on them being positive or negative). After 10 weeks, those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives. Surprisingly, they also exercise more and had fewer visits to physicians then those who focused on sources of aggravation.
Other studies have looked at how gratitude can improve relationships. For example, a study of couples found that individuals who took time to express gratitude for their partner not only felt more positive toward the other person but also felt more comfortable expressing concerns about their relationship.” – The Harvard medical journal
As I have said most of this month, it is important to be grateful.
It’s nice to see it affirmed in a medical journal. Jesus led us by his example… before he would do anything major
He would stop and thank God. Let us take the time each day to thank God and one another.