May 24,2020

For today’s reflection I have two sentences:

“ Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement; nothing can be done without hope.” Helen Keller

“ Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes the solutions, knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome, sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has a reason to complain but chooses to smile.” William Arthur Ward

In the beginning of this pandemic there was such darkness very little hope; now there are glimmers of hope.  I’d like to share with you a story that I have used many times about an optimist and a pessimist.
There were twins, one was an optimist and the other was a pessimist. The parents wanted to equal them out so for their birthday the parents gave the pessimist a room full of toys. They gave the optimist a room with manure. They watched the pessimist looking over his toys moaning “oh, this is going to break,oh this isn’t the right color….” they looked in at the optimist shoveling the manure saying” With all this manure there has to be a pony.