May 22, 2021

My reflection today is from the Mercy Prayer Book. They are intercessions.
“God, our mother and father, you have chosen us to be children of the light, free and honored.
Through the power of your Spirit give us the determination to eliminate those forces that rob others of their rightful dignity:
Response: Hasten the day of freedom, O God.
That no child will be unfed, unloved, unsheltered, or unwanted:
That no woman or man will be tortured, slain, raped or falsely imprisoned:
That no person will be victimized by gang warfare, violent crime, abuse or incest:
That no person will be demeaned by the lash of racism, sexism or ageism:
That no child will be asked to live in a world where air is polluted, land is destroyed and rivers are toxic:
That no person will live in a world without hope or meaning:”
We ask all this through our Merciful God. Amen