May 20, 2021

My reflection today comes from Living Faith:
“ because you loved me before the foundation of the world.”  John 17:24
We are children of God, and God loved us long before we were born. I imagine God whispering to us just before we opened our eyes, ‘All that you will find easy, and all that you will find to be a burden and difficult, will all work together for your good because you are mine. You are a manifestation of my love. I have loved you from the beginning. I know you by name. Trust me to guide your path. Take courage.’
As Jesus prayed for us, loved us and hoped for us to be one with him in God‘s love, each day we can lift our eyes in prayer and remember that God‘s love for us began long before this minute; it began before the foundation of the world.”  – Vivien Amu
Take some time just to reflect on how much God really loves each one of us. No matter what difficulties we are going through, remember that God is there with us. Sometimes it is easier said than done. We need to trust that God is present with us and loves us more than we can imagine.❤️