May 17, 2021

My reflection today:
“Keep believing in the here-and-now, down-to-earth everyday kind of miracles- like the first star emerging in the evening sky, the sun breaking through a storm, and that amazing rainbow over your world. Catch a glimpse of heaven in every person’s face. Keep believing in bright endings, and giving more than you receive, and in the overwhelming goodness of people. See the miracle of each new day as spectacular and unique as the sunrise that brings it.
Miracles come wrapped in a stranger’s smile, in a kind word just when you need it most, and, especially, in a friend’s hug.  Every day miracles are always happening. Just open your eyes. You may not have to see it to believe it, but you may have to believe it to see it.” -Vickie M. Worsham
Each day is a new beginning. God is present in our life showing us little miracles each day.