March 7, 2021

My reflection today:
“Setbacks and disappointments are something we all experience at one time or another. But if you refuse to believe in failure, you’ll be able to find a way to open up all those doors that at one time you thought were closed to you forever. If you mark something down as a failure, then that’s what it will be. But if you make up your mind to get the better of the situation, and experience that you once labeled as a failure can become another steppingstone toward happiness. So the next time something doesn’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped, Turn it around, be a fighter. Remember: it’s the people who can turn a negative into a positive and bounce back who really get ahead in life.” – Mary Lou Retton
Mary Lou reminds us that it is all and how we look at situations. Life is too short to dwell on the negatives. Unfortunately that is what our society points out most of the time. Just look at the media. Back in the day we had news on for a half an hour in the evening now it runs 24/7. I have found I am much happier when I watch less news.?