March 6, 2021

My reflection today:
“ God speaks to us through our lives, through the smiles and the shadows, through the times, ever changing.
God calls us on our journeys, pulling the broken pieces back together again.
God comforts us in our tears until life, at its worst, become something better.
God strengthens us in our weakness until His power is all that we feel.
God opens the door to our dreams and gives us each day as a gift.
God feels the depths and the texture of all our longings within.
God rejoices in our hope and our promise as a mother rejoices over her child.
God sees only the best in the shadows of what’s yet to be.
God speaks to us through our lives one day and one step at a time.” – Linda E. Knight
In this reflection Linda reminds us how important it is for us to take each day at a time. For some folks it’s taking each hour at a time. The important point is that God is with us whether we feel God‘s presence or not.?