March 6, 2022

My reflection:
“From time to time, when we least expect it, life changes course and worry washes over us like waves on a storm to O Beach. Rough times happen. Good people suffer. Questions arise.
We may not be able to see or know or sense how everything will turn out-or even why it happened. But we can know that God is with us at each turn, and every journey.
Beyond every storm, God has something beautiful for you that is as precious as your heart and as special as you- something as extraordinary as a rainbow after the rain.
Blue skies welcome. Hope well done. God is is near to you in the storm as He is in the sunshine. Cherish the good memories. Put the bad ones behind you. Hope is as near as a prayer. Embrace His promises. Let Him shoulder your cares. Remember that you are never alone. Entrust your tomorrows to God.
Fairwinds will blow once again. Smooth paths will follow. Calm waters will comfort you. Find peace in knowing that you are safe in His care… for God will always see you through anything.” Linda E. Knight
God is always with us on our journey. This Lent let us move closer to our loving God. ?