March 7, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or Thursday and give you a drink? Matthew 25:37
“It’s the first week of Lent, and here we are, beginning our fast: we give up, we do with less. why? Well, our fast can bear all sorts of fruit, certainly: clearing out obstacles on our journey with God, teaching us to be dependent on God alone, doing penance. But what do we do with what we’re sacrificing – that time, attention, money and, yes, food?from ancient times, Christian tradition has linked fasting with almsgiving. Pope Leo the Great put it very plainly back in the fifth century when he said, using vivid, specific language: ‘….let our Christian fast-times be fat and abound; and let each bestow on the weak and destitute those dainties which he denies himself.’
Jesus made my Lenten fast bear fruit for those in need. Amy Welborn
The Knights of Columbus have a place in Poland where they are distributing everything to the refugees from Ukraine. that is one place that I am going to donate to immediately.?