March 14, 2021

My reflection today:
“It’s only a matter of time before the storms in your life subside. The clouds will pass, and the sun will show its face. The rain that has fallen will remind you of the tears you shed. There will come a respite and a calm.
Through it all, you will feel a presence by your side. You will sense a light shining inside the dark corners of your heart. That light will uplift and guide you away from the shadows into the glorious warmth of the day.
God will hold you in his arms. He will be the rainbow at the end of your storms.
Though you may feel alone. He will hold you in His heart. He will steady your arm when you stumble. He will be your eyes when you can’t see.
The storm will subside. Hope will rise to take its place, and you will break through to the light – by the grace of God.” -Josie Willis
I believe that in difficult times God holds us in His arms.
I am seeing hope in this vaccine. The storm of the pandemic will subside. It has been a year since we heard the word pandemic. Many of us have survived thanks to the loving presence of our God.?