March 13, 2021

My reflection today:
“Acceptance means that you can find the serenity within to let go of the past with its mistakes and regrets, move into the future with a new perspective, and appreciate the opportunity to take a second chance.
Acceptance means you’ll find security again when difficult times come into your life, and comfort to relieve any pain. You’ll find new dreams, fresh hopes, and forgiveness of the heart.
Acceptance does not mean that you will always be perfect. It simply means that you always overcome imperfection.
Acceptance is the road to peace-letting go of the worst, holding onto the best, and finding the hope inside that continues throughout life.
Acceptance is the heart’s best defense, love’s greatest asset, and the easiest way to keep your thoughts positive.” –  Regina Hill
I never really thought about practicing acceptance. What do I have to accept in my life?
How does acceptance challenge me to grow?
How would our faith be different if Jesus never accepted his passion and death? Let us thank God that he did! ❤️