March 11, 2022

My reflection:
I trust in the Lord; my soul trust in his word. Psalm 130:5
“I always carry a U.S. penny in my pocket. Why? Because on every penny is printed the words: ‘In God we trust.’ These words were chosen as our national motto in 1956. Today ‘In God we Trust’ can be found on virtually all our currency. I don’t know how many people notice those words on our money. Or how many believe those words. Or even how many are opposed to having them printed on our money. But for me, the words are deeply precious and meaningful.
Every time I reach into my pocket for something, I feel that Penny. Its presence is a gentle reminder of the essence of my faith: trust in God.
Having the penny in my pocket throughout the crisis of the pandemic is especially significant for me. The truth was, we can put our trust in many things: certain people, our country, the Church, modern medicine, our own talents. But as Christians, ultimately, our trust is in God. The penny in my pocket reminds me of that great truth.”
Sr. Melannie Svoboda, S.N.D.
I think this is a great reminder of putting our trust in God each day. sometimes it’s easier said than done.?