March 10, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
When I called, you answered me; you built up strength within me. Psalm 138:3
“This verse from today’s psalm echoes Jesus in today’s Gospel from Matthew 7: ‘Ask and it will be given to you’ (verse7). I had an experience of this recently in a cancer treatment center with a beloved family member who is undergoing chemotherapy. There had been a two hour wait before they moved him to his station in the clinic. The infusion itself had already taken 90 minutes. Exhaustion had drained us both of any inclination to talk. I prayed a quiet prayer for strength. A minute later, I began hearing music. It sounded like harp music – with Irish sounding melodies!
How could that be? I stood up and saw by the nurses’ station a woman playing a small harp! As I gestured my thanks, she smiled and brought the harp over to play near us. When when she confirmed that they were Irish songs, I knew my Irish ancestors were smiling.
Amazing God, how beautifully you built up strength in us when I called for help.” Patricia Livingston
Gracious God thank you for being there on our journey. Give us the strength that we need each day to come closer to you.?