June 6, 2020

My reflection today continues from Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp:

“ To hope is more than just to wish for something. It is to yearn for and to dream something so much that we really believe it can be, that it will happen even though the odds may be against it. To hope is to have a strong, clear, positive vision of the future. To hope is to know the God of hope, the God of promise, the one who has already taken us out of darkness into wonderful light. In Hannah Hurnard’s – Hinds Feet on High Places, the Shepherd asks Much Afraid: “ Do you love me enough to be able to trust me completely? “. That question is the core of hope; it asks: have we fallen in love enough with the God of hope that we can trust he will always be with us no matter what our trials and tribulations may be? Do we love enough to send out a dove and to look for signs of rainbows in the sky?“

Today my rainbow in the sky moment was on the news this morning …. a seven year old boy in Tulsa asked if he could go and pray with and for police officers. They showed him praying with the police chief; praying for him and his family. They showed him praying with other police officers and then interviewed the young boy. when asked by the interviewer how did he feel he said good!

Jesus told us that the children will lead us. Amen