June 4, 2020

my reflection continues from Fresh Bread by Joyce Rupp:

“ Since that rainbow moment, I have thought many a time about the experience. The rainbow has a long history as a sign of hope on the spiritual journey. In the story of Noah the rainbow is a symbol of the promise that God made to the people who were saved from the earth’s destruction. There is a hopeful power in the story of Noah, the tale of a person who braved long, lonely moments, wondering what life was worth when all that he knew of it was being destroyed. He must’ve questioned how he and his family would survive. The moment when Noah opened the window and sent out the dove is special and hope-filled. Noah is every one of us when we sit in our discouragement, calling out to God or others; “Tell me about hope; give me a reason to believe; help me to trust in the goodness of life; enable me to find my courage and to be enthused about life again; tell me about the meaning of life. “What a profound confirmation of hope it was for Noah when the dove came back bearing the tiny sprig of green in its beak, the green which said: “Welcome into new life. Here is a gift of hope for you. Believe in the future. Trust what is to come. All will be well with you.“”

I don’t need to share many words this certainly sums it all up. This was written 35 years ago.  It sounds like it could be written today. I do have a favor, please pray for my friend Sister Helen, she is at St. Francis Hospital. Thankfully not Covid but bronchitis and asthma. She is a young 96-year-old.??