June 2, 2021

My reflection today is from Give Us This Day:
“In the beautiful reading from Tobit, there’s one detail that tells us everything we need to know: Sarah, dejected, abused, and in despair, ’spread out her hands and, facing the window, poured out her prayer’ to the Lord.
It was a prayer full of surrender, praise, and hope. And it was surprisingly effective.
But maybe there was one thing that made all the difference: the window. Standing before a window, Sarah was unshielded, vulnerable, open to the Almighty. She presented to God the priceless and immeasurable gift of trust. And that trust was beautifully rewarded.
I’ll familiar adage tells us that ‘when God closes a door, he opens a window.’ Well, perhaps part of Sarah’s holiness lay in realizing that – and turning toward that window.
But what about us?
Are we too timid before God? Do we shield ourselves from God? Do we seek the safety of a firm wall – maybe one built of cynicism, or excuses, or self interest – to protect ourselves from whatever God wants from our lives?
What are we afraid of?
Maybe one of the lessons of Sarah is this: be brave. Go to the window, open your hands, and trust. Don’t hide. Let God see you, hear you, know you. Pour out a prayer and see what happens.
Be brave!
A wall may keep you safe. But a window will let in the light.”
Deacon Greg Kandra