June 1, 2021

My reflection today is from Living Faith:
They came and said to him, “Teacher, we know that you are a truthful man and that you are not concerned with anyone’s opinion.” Mark 12:14
“ The world is filled with opinions about what others should or should not think and do. With rare exception, most people are on the alert for others’ opinions about themselves. I’ve noticed this in certain comments: ‘You’ll think this is crazy…’or ‘I’m sure he thinks that…’
Jesus did not let the opinions of others affect him, especially when they consisted of lavish affirmation or hostile disapproval. Imagine if he had caved into what others decided about his teaching and actions. Instead, Jesus remained authentic and honest, showing by example that the judgments of others need not define our lives. The authentic quality we bring to our daily behavior is what counts. Today, let us be attentive to how much we allow others’ opinions to influence how we live.” Joyce Rupp
Do we live our lives totally unconcerned about what people think or say? When I was growing up, I remember my father saying, “When people are paying your bills, then you can worry about what they say.”
How true! ?