July 6, 2020

Make Room in Your Life for These Things:

Love – to shine like blue skies above you wherever you go, so you always know you’re in the hearts of so many people.

Light – to see the end of the tunnel when you’re struggling with troubles, so you always know you have the inner power to survive in triumph.

Laughter – to keep you healthy in mind and body; to give you the ability to act silly and exercise your giggle; to remind you that life is too short to be taken so seriously.

A lifeline in the form of family and friends – to anchor you, support you, and keep you going forward in a positive way when you’re faced with a crisis, so you always know you are a survivor.

Lots of positive thoughts – to help you fulfill all your wishes, so you always know your possibilities are unlimited… and success is your destiny.” Jacqueline Schiff

Love, light, laughter, family, friends, and positive thoughts are what will keep us going during these difficult times.
Each one of us can be pulled down by all the negativity around us or we can let Jesus lift us up to see that there are positive experiences in our life.?