July 5, 2020

My reflection today is from Joyce Rupp’s Fresh Bread:

“ This July remind yourself often that “you must live your whole life according to the Christ you have received “(Colossians 2:6) and that you are to be a letter from Jesus to all those in your life.

Take the time to know Jesus better.

Renew your friendship and deepen your love for him by reading the Scriptures, listening to music that sings about him, by finding spiritual reading with tells of him. Look for the letters from Jesus that others are to you.

And remember, “there is only Christ: he is everything and he is in everything” Colossians 3:11”

Imagine that you are a letter, text or email from Jesus.
Maybe some of those who are destroying statues or property in our country might rethink about what they are doing.
Each one of us is called to reflect Jesus to one another.
Some days it’s easier than others. Have a great day!?