January 29, 2021

My reflection today:
“Celebrate all you are and how much you are loved. Honor the person you are and all you’re becoming. Be reminded of how many people look up to you and admire all the goodness in your heart. Reach out and feel the happiness others wish for you. Do the things that bring sunlight to your heart and add a touch of magic to your dreams.” – Linda E. Knight
I find this reflection interesting. Unfortunately, I think many think about there negative qualities rather than their positive qualities. 
When I was teaching, I would ask the students to list all their positive qualities and then on the other side list their negative qualities. Many times the list on the negative side was longer than the positive side. Linda challenges us to think about people thinking positively about us. Each one of us needs to let our light shine out to others.
God recognizes our beauty and wonderful qualities, let us stop and thank God for all those wonderful gifts.?