January 28, 2021

My reflection today:
“When we are hurting God doesn’t stay on high-He brings His Majesty to earth on the wings of love. When we encounter trials and tribulations, it is God who will help us face whatever is happening in our hearts. He pours His peace into the moments, holds our hands and calms our fears. He walks with us and talks with us along the way. When we need the ultimate in compassion – the greatest caring, true concern – it is God’s love that wipes each tear away and brings tomorrow’s hope. God isn’t far away…
He’s always by your side.” – Barbara J. Hall
What an image, bringing His majesty to earth on wings of love. Whenever we are going through difficult times let’s reflect on that image. God is with us to wipe our tears away and bring tomorrow’s hope. The question is do we really believe this? There are such beautiful images of God’s tenderness and mercy in this reflection