February 13, 2021

My reflection today comes from Fresh Bread:
“Courage does not mean just gritting our teeth for an endurance test. Courage does mean drawing from an inner source, relying on the Lord‘s strength to give us the confidence we need. Courage means never giving up. It means believing that we can make it, not on our own power (although we do have a great inner resource of resiliency), but on the divine power that is always available if we ask for it. Courage is never learned overnight. It results from long years of practice and patience, being brave enough to face what life sends us. Courage is growing through the hardships of life without bitterness, discontent or disillusionment. With courage, the struggle can develop in us a mellowness and a deeper sensitivity to just have tender and special the human spirit really is.” – Joyce Rupp
During this pandemic, we need courage now more than ever. God‘s strength in us will get us through our difficulties.
It’s not always easy, some people are dealing with much more than others. We need to tap into God‘s presence within us.?