February 12, 2021

My reflection today is from Fresh Bread:
February is the month of the ‘feast of hearts,’ Valentine’s day. It is a month in which many ‘I love you’s’ are heard and sent and many little red hearts appear everywhere. All the messages and symbols of love lead me to consider one of its aspects – the courageous heart.
The winter with its harsh cold winds in layers of frozen earth leads me to reflect on courage as a wonderful gift of the human spirit. I marvel at how brave the trees and living things must be to stand so well through the winter time. I marvel, too, at people who have come into my life in recent months, people who have that same kind of stamina, people with courageous hearts, people who have the confidence to face the winter of their lives.
It is not until we have faced some winters in our lives, some challenges and struggles, that we are able to know our own courage and are able to understand just how brave we can be when it is necessary to have a courageous heart.” – Joyce Rupp
During this pandemic I have talked with many people who have had many struggles. I never thought about the image of a courageous heart but that is what they have. It’s amazing how after going through a very difficult time, looking back, we are amazed at how we got through the whole situation. Many times it is God carrying us through.?