December 15, 2020

My reflection today: Christmas Lights
“ A cold, clear night sky filled with starlight can fill a heart with an inner stillness and warmth. At Christmas, neighborhood homes decorated in brightly lighted strings of outdoor lights provide us with a special joy and peace. Towns and companies decorate their physical surroundings, too. The world seems to glow. At no other time does such a joy overflow through people’s doors and windows and into the streets, an outdoor beauty we hope reflects brightness existing inside.
A long time ago, a cold, darkened world was filled with the glory of God. The shepherds saw the first outdoor display as the lights of the world broke into the darkness of the human heart. As we transform the outside of our homes or decorate our windows and doors, maybe this year we can try to draw attention to Christ and the message of his light in our lives.
Is the beauty of Christmas only to be found on the exterior of our homes? Only skin deep in us? Can we do more than just prepare to landscape our houses with light? Can we try to brighten our hearts as well?” – Terrance Schneider
Dear God, true beauty is a reflection of what is in the heart.
Let your light shine in our lives to brighten our behavior and attitude.
In our many Christmas anxieties do not let us forget the needs of our soul and spirit. Amen