December 14, 2020

My reflection today: TV Specials
“Storytelling is a part of Christmas. Each year repeat ‘classics’ and new television specials are broadcast. These programs convey a message a meaning and sentiment of Christmas that may not mention Jesus at all.
The story of Jesus’ birth is also a ‘classic.’ It, too, deserves to be retold at Christmas; its message gives true purpose and meaning to all other holiday stories. The biblical accounts are found in the first two chapters of Matthew and Luke.
As we watch a Christmas ‘classic,’ would we add to the script or take out anything? Can we take time to read and discuss the biblical ‘classics’ as well as watch the TV specials?” –  Terrance Schneider
Terrance reminds us that during this Christmas season that we should think about the first Christmas and how it was a classic.
It certainly wouldn’t make today’s standards of a TV or Netflix special. It might have made Hallmark.?