August 20, 2020

My reflection continues from Fresh Bread:
“We have many fears – fears of the unknown, of our limitations, of failure, of pain, of growing old or of dying. Some people fear not being loved or being unlovable. All are sources of the constant worry that surfaces in our days.
It is important to recognize our fears and not to ignore them. When we recognize them we can begin to deal with them. We can look our fears in the eye and know they do not control us. We do not need to give into the worrying voices within us. The more we deal with our hidden fears the freer we will be to live in peace and to share our gifts.” – Joyce Rupp
I find these words very helpful but as they say easier said than done.
Some days it is easy to put our worries aside and trust God …other days it is tough. …especially with all the unknowns today about Covid.
Let us remember one another in prayer!