August 19, 2020

My reflection continues from Fresh Bread:
“Another major cause of worry is being afraid of the consequences of our ‘what if’s’ and ‘maybes’. Fear can paralyze us just like a stroke can paralyze the body. I remember visiting a woman in her mid-50s in a rehabilitation center. I was appalled and saddened to see what a stroke did to a once alert and independent person. It took so much effort for her to reach a stiff, thin arm up to wipe the tears clinging to the corner of her eye. It took all her energy to try to pronounce just one word. I stood by her side, trying to interpret her slurred whispers and I wept for her and that terrible frustration and powerlessness. I thought of how tragic and alone she was in her paralysis, yearning to communicate but unable to do so.
Like physical paralysis, interior paralysis can be just as traumatic and painful. Sometimes we are unable to act or are immobilized in energizing our lives because we have given in to deep fears. They keep us from being free, from having peace in our hearts. They hold us back from joy and from giving our best selves to others. Fears box us in, hold others out, and most of all keep us from knowing the beautiful, tender and good within us.” – Joyce Rupp
What struck me today was that fear keeps us from knowing the beautiful, tender and good within us.
Fear stops us from receiving the power and love from God.