August 18, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
… a steadfast spirit renew within me. Psalm 51:12
“Recently I read a historical novel about three children of revolutionaries who were sent to Mexico during the Spanish Civil War.
They lived in deplorable, abusive conditions and state-run orphanages. Back in Spain, their father was shot, and their mother imprisoned. in the epilogue, we learn of the children’s leader lives how they became educated, raised families and did important work in the world. I was deeply moved by the resilience and their ability, after such childhood trauma, to choose life in love and to move forward. The lives of these three children, the fiction, we’re based on real incidents and factual details, which the author wove together to create this moving story.
When we are struggling, we must call out to the Lord to renew the divine spark within us that allows us to carry-on. Sometimes we must keep vigil for others who have tough life assignments. Our prayers can allow them to rest while we pray them into steadfastness.
Lord, renew my spirit!” Jennifer Christ