August 17, 2022

My reflection is from Living Faith:
Are you envious because I am generous? Matthew 20:15
“The vineyard laborers who are hired at dawn were wasn’t fair that they had toiled all day and yet received the same pay as those who went to work at 5 PM. Nor is it fair when someone else gets the promotion or award for which we are so qualified. Nor is it fair when other family members or neighbors appear to do little or nothing to earn the financial and physical health they enjoy, and we labor much more
and receive much less.
But if God were fair, we would all be headed for an eternity in Gehenna. God is loving, God is gracious, and yes, God is generous beyond our human understanding to everyone, not just those whom we believe have earned that love. The sweet deal that those late day laborers received is there for all of us, every day. Rather than grouse about the Lord’s generosity to others, may we offer thanks and gratitude for the many undeserving mercies showered upon us.
Jesus, may I focus on your love for me rather than measure it against your love for others.” Melanie Rigney