April 22, 2021

My reflection today:
“When you dream, believe in your ability to fulfill your wishes. Believe – have faith – and you will exceed your own expectations.
When you work, treat each task as a gift and a chance to demonstrate your strengths. Believe – have faith – and each duty will bring a sense of purpose.
When you regret some past mistake or failure, don’t allow pessimism to influence you. Believe – have faith –
and know that your past is gone.
When you hurt and no one seems to understand, reach into your heart and be your own comfort. You have the strength within. Believe – have faith – and your pain will pass into yesterday.
When you love, love with all your heart and soul. Give without limit or expectation. Believe – have faith – and love will inspire your entire life.
Believe – have faith – and remember that you are God‘s child… and whatever He designs is perfect.” – Regina Hill