April 19, 2021

My reflection today:
“God gave us the seasons – each with its own beauty and reason, each meant to bring us a blessing, a joy, and a feeling of love. God gave us the sunshine, the rain, and the beauty and freedom of nature to teach us the wisdom of gentle acceptance.
God gave us miracles in our hearts and lives, little things that happened to remind us we’re alive.
God gave us the ability to face each new day with courage, wisdom, and a smile from knowing that whatever sorrow or pain we may face, he abides with us securely in our hearts.
Most of all, God gave us one another to teach us about love and guide us through this world, always available to help us forward toward a greater understanding and a greater sharing and giving of love. “Regina Hill
God gave us one another. Unfortunately today there are too many people that are trying to cause more problems. I was appalled when I saw a congresswoman, breaking curfew and inciting people. She said, “We’ve got to get more confrontational.” She is from California and she’s stirring people up in Minneapolis. Where are people like Dr. Martin Luther King and Representative John Lewis? Let us work for peace and justice for one another in a non-violent way.?