April 18, 2021

My reflection today:
“We need to feel more to understand others
We need to love more to be loved back
We need to cry more to cleanse ourselves
We need to laugh more to enjoy ourselves
We need to be honest and fair when interacting with people
We need to establish a strong ethical basis as a way of life
We need to see more than our own fantasies
We need to hear more and listen to the needs of others
We need to give more and take less We need to share more and own less We need to realize the importance of the family as a back bone to stability We need to look more and realize that we are not so different from one another
We need to create a world where we can trust one another
We need to create a world where we can all peacefully live the life we choose” –  Susan Polis Schutz
I don’t know when this was written but it certainly is needed now more than ever. Let us ask God’s Spirit to open the hearts of those who are not tolerant of others. Let us pray that people can agree to disagree. Let us remember the family that prays together stays together.?